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The Brilliant Mind Behind

Today – all around the modern world, ‘Tesla‘ has become a synonym for elegant, electric vehicles produced in Silicon Valley. The name of the company is no coincidence.. It’s a tribute to Nikola Tesla a brilliant Serbian-American engineer, physicist, electrical engineer and inventor. It’s worth to know, that Tesla-CEO Elon Musk had nothing to with this choice – and he probably wouldn’t …

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The World’s Largest Factories

At the end of this month, Tesla will organize a special event to celebrate the opening of the enormous Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, just outside of Reno (Nevada). Although it will take another 4 years, until the Gigafactory 1 reaches full capacity, the name is hinting that more will follow. German Vice-Chancellor and Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel recently confirmed being in talks with Tesla CEO …

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Car Trouble?


The most expensive item many of us own is, apart from the house, our car. On average, Americans spend about 5%, west Europeans more like 10 % of their income on purchasing a car and another 5 to 10 % towards on-going vehicle maintenance and insurance costs. But it costs more to keep some cars running than others. And different …

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Build Your Dreams


While Silicon Valley’s Tesla and founder Elon Musk making global headlines and ‘Tesla Motors’ is valued about 30 billion USD on financial markets, its worth to notice, that in the business of batteries and electric cars, there is another company around that’s much bigger, but less valued: China’s BYD for ‘Build Your Dreams’.    In eastern China’s Anhui province, agriculture …

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