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Values and Discipline, not Privileges, Are Your Paths to Wealth

As much as everyone likes a good get-rich quick story, the rich typically didn’t make their wealth overnight. This thesis is supported by the ‘2016 Insights on Wealth and Worth‘ survey conducted by U.S. Trust. The study explored the common success traits of wealthy Americans across all generations, surveying close to 700 individuals with at least 3 million USD in investable …

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The ‘Sillicon Valley’ at the Mediterranean Sea

Good food, friendly people, a vibrant nightlife, a very busy and stressful traffic with daily gridlocks and beeping car drivers – well, this may sound like Bucharest, but I’m talking about Tel Aviv, Israel. Besides all similarities between Bucharest and Tel Aviv, there are considerable differences. And I don’t talk about geographics like the beautiful 14 km-shoreline along the Mediterranean Sea …

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Paper & Physical

physical gold

When investing in gold, you can basically choose between paper gold and physical gold. When you prefer ‘paper gold’ then Gold mining stocks and gold ETF’s are in play. There is actually a third option, gold futures, but I advise only experienced investors to consider it. If you are looking for the real thing and want to buy physical gold, then you …

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This Price Is Too High


Last year, on 1 December, the Romanian National Day, I came across an article containing ’30 things that make us proud of Romania’. Interesting, I thought, a good opportunity to learn more about romanian achievements and find out, what kind of success make people proud of their country. Well, I wasn’t surprised to find Hagi or Nadia Comaneci on the …

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Reading That Pays

reading pays

Recently, the USD lost 3 % vs the EUR in a single day. In forex markets, such a move is an earthquake, the biggest drop in 7 years. If you wondered, why the EUR became so strong that day, thanks to the net you could choose between hundreds of sites and read about it – free of charge. But I …

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