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Why Oil Prices Fluctuate

Crude oil fell for a fourth day in a row yesterday – and settled below 50 USD/barrel – by concerns about Chinese growth (see Monday’s post) and the outcome of next week’s vote on Britain’s possible EU-exit (the campaign for the UK to leave the EU has a significant lead, a poll showed that 47% of likely voters said they will opt to leave the …

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Oil Is Back

  In case you haven’t noticed, oil prices are staging a strong recovery towards 50 USD per barrel. That’s almost twice the price of February, when oil dropped to 26 USD/barrel – so be prepared for higher costs when your car needs the next fill-up. This remarkable price movement of the ‘black gold’ within a few weeks can also be seen …

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The Price Will Never Be The Same Again

oil barrel

US-producer’s message to Opec: ‘Above 40 – we are back!’ Over the last few days, the price for Brent-crude climbed regularly. On March 1st, 2016, it reached a new year-high of over 37 USD/barrel, that’s quite a rise from the January-lows of 29 USD. Could this be the beginning of a rebound of oil to price-levels from a year ago, …

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The New Reality For Oil


30 to 45 USD – the new reality for oil This morning, after secret negotiations in Doha – the capital of Qatar – the four oil-producers Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia and Venezuela agreed to freeze their output at January levels. The common goal of this agreement is, of course, to tackle the oil price, who after 19 months of declines …

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Same Oil – Different Price

gas price

You certainly heard, the price of oil has fallen from 100 USD in July 2014 to 30 USD today on international markets. The price-unit for oil, the barrel, contains 160 liter. So 30 USD for 160 liter – I think this goes without a calculator – equals 0,18 USD or 0,8 RON per liter of oil. The difference to the …

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