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From 5’000 to 22’000’000


In 1944, Anne Scheiber, who worked as a tax-auditor at the IRS for 23 years and never earned more than 350 USD/month, retired from the service at the age of 50. After 23 years of work, her life savings stood at 5’000 USD. Using this sum and her monthly pension of 260 USD over the next 50 years, she built …

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Sell In May And Go Away..

half year returns for markets

… is an often quoted stockmarket adage these days. It’s based on the historical underperformance of stocks in the 6 months from May until the end of October, compared to the period from early November to the end of April.   The significant seasonal trading pattern is a fact, based on data from the Stock Trader’s Almanac. Since 1950, the Dow …

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Stocks & Oil – a new reality


Humans are creations of habits and quickly feel uncomfortable, when something – or someone – disrupts their habits. For decades, the creature of the human stock-investor could be sure that ‘falling oil’ means ‘rising stocks’. After all, we learned from dusty textbooks back at the university or private investment experience, that with cheaper oil: • Private households and companies would …

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Stocks – How It All Started

dutch east india

In today’s financial markets, billions of shares are traded every day. The biggest exchanges by volume are New York, Tokyo and London, but through electronic trading, shares are bought and sold around the world around the clock. Chinese philosopher LaoTse didn’t know about stock trading, he lived in the 5th century BC. But he did know ‘that even the longest …

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Stocks & Strategy II

Pay Attention to the Average When chatting with friends about my job, they often compare the stock market with a casino. Well, I could argue with many facts contradicting this view, but I generally do not try to persuade people to invest. I only advise them if they want to play the markets. And there is one point, where the …

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Leaders & Laggers

stock market

I might be completely wrong, but based on recent conversations, I guess that 9 out 10 romanians would only invest in the stock market, when they are sure that the general economy is booming. The simple assumption, that better economic statistics and data, must be good for stocks, is unfortunately not true. If it where only that easy.. Why are …

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Bulls vs Bears

bulls vs bears

In our journey through the cycles of economy and markets, we just arrived in stage 3. In other words, the economy is in full recovery, the markets are looking ahead and paying attention to the upcoming economic recession. Recovery vs recession – in the markets, this fight translates into a tug of war between bulls and bears. The bull is …

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Calendar & Trends

stock calendar

Many participants of the stock-market, in general pretty rational fellows, are paying a great deal of attention to seasonal or calendar trends. One of the best known trading adage is appearing each year towards the end of April: • ‘Sell in May and go away’ followed by • ‘Remember to come back in September‘. The rationale behind is to avoid …

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Perfect Timing


It’s the essence of being a successful investor. Invest in a stock at a low level and to sell it at the top. To achieve this, financial institutions let nothing untouched. Hundred of people spending thousands of hours feeding millions of company- and economic-data into computers. Besides this fundamental approach, we have also the technical analysis where the focus is …

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A Look Into 2016


Currently, my ‘inbox’ is working overtime while I’m sleeping. Dozens of reports titled ‘outlook for stocks 2016’ or ‘market perspectives 2016’ make their way into my box overnight. The right strategy for 2016 is probably in mind of many investors, so this ‘outlooks’ and ‘perspectives’ are just in time. Before we start to take a look into the markets for …

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