The world of money

The bank and the client

the bank and the client

A few days ago, I met Dan, an old friend of mine and he made the impression to be in a good mood. ‘Hello Dan, you look happy.’ I said to him while we were shaking hands. ‘Well’, he replied ‘I finally managed to save some money’. Dan explained, that after more than a year of starting his new job …

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Inflation is..


In chapter 1 we found out how hard it is and how long it takes to double an investment by simply put it on a bank account. And we didn’t even mention a powerful enemy for any money saver – the inflation. If I ask my friends or colleagues ‘what is inflation?‘, the answer is always the same: something like ‘when …

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Deadly Deflation


Recently, I decided to get rid of my old DVDs, since I watched movies mainly online for the last couple of years. Shifting through dusted DVDs with movies from the 1990s like ‘Rising Sun’ (Sean Connery), or ‘Die Hard’ (Bruce Willis) reminded me, that in many Hollywood movies from that time, there was lot of talk about Japans coming cultural …

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China’s Real Numbers

china, economy

“It’s official! Now China is the new number 1 global economic power!” I have to admit, I was puzzled after reading that headline on a serious financial website one morning at end of last year. I simply couldn’t believe it. So I checked the data provided by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and it seems to be clear: Chinas gross …

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Salary & Productivity

salary and productivity

As a foreigner living in Romania, its no question to me, that I have to assimilate to the romanian lifestyle and accept the way, life is going on here. Otherwise, I could leave the country as I was often told during the first months in Bucharest. Meanwhile, after a few years, I enjoy living in Romania and starting to defend …

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Negotiations & The Price Tag Syndrome


When I was a schoolboy, close to my parents house was a residence for elderly people. To earn a little money, I regularly went shopping for a few ladies from that residence. They would give me a list and money, I bought the stuff down in the village store, transported the goods on my bike back to the residence, got …

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Stock Market (1)

stock market

Stock market – Introduction It was a cold, clear sunday morning in october, when I went to see the participants of the Bucharest-marathon, as they ran, jogged or walked along Calea Victoriei and took a right turn into Stribei Voda. A few co-workers and friends were in the race and I showed them my support and cheered, when I spotted one. Then I was …

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Stock Market (2)

stock market tips

What you have to know about the stock market Before you invest a single Ron into stocks, you have to be aware – where there is money in play, the charlatans are not far away. Stock market predictions Basic rule number one: Nobody, and I mean nobody, no witch, no banker, no horoscope and no website can predict the development …

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Stock Market (3)


Stock market information – Selection & Valuation When I bought my first stock in the early 1990’s, there was no email, internet, mobile banking or 24-hour-stock-market-channel available. To obtain information about a stock, I intended to buy, I had to call around for hours or patiently search the archive of the newspaper in my town. Whereas today, I can get any …

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Stock Market (4)

markets mistakes

Markets & Mistakes During my years living in Bucharest, I observed quite a lot of differences between Romania and my little home country in the middle of europe. As mentioned before, it’s my problem and if I don’t accept the romanian way of life, I am free to go. Nonetheless, I will write about a romanian habit that could be …

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