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Brexit – Go For It!

The day after the last games of the group stage at the ‘Euro 2016’ were played out in France when we will know the teams who made it to the knock-out phase, another ‘make-or-break’-decision is due: The ‘Brexit’- referendum. In the tragedy of ‘Hamlet’, William Shakespeare’s opening phrase “To be, or not to be…” contemplates death and suicide. 400 years …

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Leaving Romania?


I’d like to highlight two news stories about Romania from this week that caught my attention: Romania is the EU member with the biggest gap between the rich and the poor. The average incomes of Romania’s richest 20% were 7.2 times higher than those of the poorest 20%. (26 April – via ‘business24.ro’) Romania will no longer have an official …

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How low will they go?

berlin hyp

The dangerous interest-experiment by the European Central Bank This week, the area of negative interest rates in Europe was remarkably widened. While investors were just getting used to negative yields for government-bonds, on Tuesday german bank ‘Berlin Hyp’ set a new landmark. The relatively small bank became the first ever non-state borrower who issued an EUR-denominated debt (of 500 million …

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Are My Savigs Safe?

safe savings

After Lehman Brothers in the US, Northern Rock in the UK and the EuroZone debt crisis, the ‘deposit guarantee scheme’ (DGS) in the EU was improved to boost the saver’s confidence in the banking sector. What is the level of deposit protection in the EU? From the initial 20’000 EUR, the protection was first increased to 50’000 EUR in 2009 …

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