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If China Becomes Another Japan, the World is In Trouble

At the ‘Strategic Investment Conference 2016’ recently held in Dallas, geopolitical forecaster and strategist George Friedman said: ‘China is like Japan in 1989′. There are indeed many similarities between China today and Japan in the late 80’s, before Nippon went bust: a reliance on investment- and export-led growth; big current account surpluses; a real estate bubble (that led to highly indebted …

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Japan – Back On Track?


This Friday and Saturday, Japan will play host to the meeting of the G7- finance ministers and central bank governors. The gathering of the finance elite from the 7 wealthiest developed countries (representing more than 64% of the net global wealth) will take place in Sendai, about 70 km north of Fukushima. The choice of Sendai is designed to highlight reconstruction …

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Inflation is..


In chapter 1 we found out how hard it is and how long it takes to double an investment by simply put it on a bank account. And we didn’t even mention a powerful enemy for any money saver – the inflation. If I ask my friends or colleagues ‘what is inflation?‘, the answer is always the same: something like ‘when …

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Deadly Deflation


Recently, I decided to get rid of my old DVDs, since I watched movies mainly online for the last couple of years. Shifting through dusted DVDs with movies from the 1990s like ‘Rising Sun’ (Sean Connery), or ‘Die Hard’ (Bruce Willis) reminded me, that in many Hollywood movies from that time, there was lot of talk about Japans coming cultural …

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