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How Billionaires Made Their First Money – And What They Advise You To Do Financially

Even the longest journey starts with a first step: Before Warren Buffett hit the financial markets, he sold used golf balls or Coca-Cola door-to-door. Another source of income for young Buffett was the idea of renting out flipper-machines. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos first job in the business world was behind a counter at McDonald’s. At 14, Bill Gates founded his first software company. With Traf-o-Data he …

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A Great Source For Financial Education: YouTube

About the high value of YouTube for value investors and business leaders YouTube, the world’s second most popular website, is also one of the most underappreciated investor resources, says Andrew Hunt, author of Better Value Investing:  Founded in May 2005 and acquired by Google in 2006 for 1,65 billion USD, YouTube has over 3 billion page views every day and would …

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Working Smarter, Not Harder


The discussion about minimum wages or salary increases in Romania is mainly a political issue. From an outside perspective, it’s sometimes hard to understand that in all the talking and complaining about local salaries many issues are brought up the most important and therefore most decisive factor for higher wages is rarely mentioned or misunderstood. This factor is called ‘Labor …

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When A High Price Is Still Cheap

‘Price is what you pay; value is what you get.’  – Warren Buffett When A High Price Is Still Cheap Let’s consider the price for a product rose from 275 USD in 1980 to over 219’000 USD today. No one would argue against, that this product has become quite expensive. But with stocks, the exact same price development doesn’t necessary mean …

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Stocks & Strategy I

Priorities & Profits A few month ago, a client of mine from Austria asked me to support him in the process of recruiting an employee for his office in Romania. The open position included regular office duties with a changing workload, sometimes low, but just the next day could bring a ton of work, I was told. And the candidate …

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