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How Uber, Airbnb, and Etsy Attracted Their First 1’000 Customers

New businesses often struggle finding their first customers. The challenge is even more difficult with startups in the sharing economy that launch as platforms connecting independent service providers with consumers. Take Uber. Its platform is two-sided, connecting people who need rides with people who have rides to offer. (Same ideas as Airbnb, which connects people needing rooms with home-owners). So …

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The Psychology of Color in Business

I own an American Express ‘Gold Card’ for many years and had never any inconveniences. And quite frankly, I wouldn’t accept anything else from a product that’s carrying ‘gold’ in its name. Then, on a recent business-trip to Geneva, I met an old buddy of mine from business-school for lunch. After the delicious dessert, he insisted to cover the tab …

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The ‘Gig Economy’ Is Here To Stay

What new trends will emerge in the next several years with the potential for explosive growth? We’ll probably get answers at the ‘Top 10 Tech Trends Debate‘ who takes place this week in Santa Clara, in the center of Silicon Valley. But you don’t need to travel half way around the world to get a glimpse of the future. I …

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The ‘post-ownership’-society


How ‘Millennials’ are shaping and changing the global economy For at the least a century now, the vast majority of economic trends and our consumer-behavior have their roots in the US. Front and center was the rise of the automobile culture – that started when cars became affordable to average workers thanks to Henry Ford’s persistence (see chapter 41) – …

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