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A Snapshot of America’s Commercial progress

The ‘Declaration of Independence‘ (and separation from Great Britain) was ratified by the Continental Congress of Philadelphia on July 4th, 1776 – today marks Americas 240th birthday. That’s why this post is dedicated to the largest US corporations: For more than 60 years, since 1955 to be exact, Fortune’ Magazine …

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The Psychology of Color in Business

I own an American Express ‘Gold Card’ for many years and had never any inconveniences. And quite frankly, I wouldn’t accept anything else from a product that’s carrying ‘gold’ in its name. Then, on a recent business-trip to Geneva, I met an old buddy of mine from business-school for lunch. …

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Ask The Right Questions

right questions

I am pretty sure, the majority of the readers here are using Facebook or Google daily, most probably more than once. I am also convinced, that 99 percent who follow this website have at least visited once a McDonald’s or drinked a Coke. What this has it to do with investing? …

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Secrets of Success

secrets of success

‘Never think about money, never work for money. Always think about the product, always work for the product’. Nicolas Hayek, the founder of ‘swatch’, gave that answer, when asked about his secret of success in 1992. On that day in the swiss alps, ‘swatch’ celebrated the sale of 100 million …

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