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The Case Against Life Extension – Climate – Part III

The Biggest Threat for Humanity are more Humans 400 ppm. It’s only a figure, but it’s a number that underscores the largest threat to humanity and biodiversity in the decades to come: the global climate disruption due to the buildup of human-generated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Last year, the South Pole Observatory recorded for the first time, that global carbon dioxide (CO2) …

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The Case Against Life Extension – Water – Part II

Life is beautiful; a longer and healthier life must be paradise and a superior goal to achieve. Therefore, anyone who rejects a ‘big idea’ in human development by  progressive science as extending the average lifespan to 140 years and more (see part I), risks to be labeled as something like a ‘hillybilly’. Hillybilly or not – I don’t care, since I …

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