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Commodity Traders – Winners & Losers


If you drive from the city of Geneva along the shore of Lake Geneva, you will first pass by the UEFA-headquaters in Nyon and soon after reach a place called Lausanne.  It’s a nice swiss city with just 130’000 inhabitants, but worldwide known because Lausanne hosts the global headquaters of …

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Models and Weddings

gold price

‘ I don’t think anybody has a very good model of what makes gold prices go up or down.’ What Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said at her confirmation hearing in November 2013, was instantly opposed by financial analysts. Of course, they would have good models for gold. According to these …

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Paper & Physical

physical gold

When investing in gold, you can basically choose between paper gold and physical gold. When you prefer ‘paper gold’ then Gold mining stocks and gold ETF’s are in play. There is actually a third option, gold futures, but I advise only experienced investors to consider it. If you are looking for the …

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