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If China Becomes Another Japan, the World is In Trouble

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At the ‘Strategic Investment Conference 2016’ recently held in Dallas, geopolitical forecaster and strategist George Friedman said: ‘China is like Japan in 1989′. There are indeed many similarities between China today and Japan in the late 80’s, before Nippon went bust: a reliance on investment- and export-led growth; big current account …

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The Hypocrites of Beijing


63 year old Xi Jinping Is the most powerful man in China. He is the General Secretary of the Communist Party, the Chairman of Chinas Central Military Commission and the President of the People’s Republic of China. But the ‘Paramount Leader’ has another quality that is not yet really acknowledged …

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The Biggest Global Economic Risks 


Trump is more dangerous than terrorism Each month, The Economist Intelligence Unit publishes a report with top-events that could destabilize the global economy. The just released ‘April 2016’-report marks for the first time ever a potential election of an US- presidential candidate as a top global risk. Here is the …

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The real ‘export-champions’


This week, China reported its largest monthly drop in exported goods since May 2009. China’s ‘February-2016-trade performance’ was far worse than economists had expected, with exports falling 25.4% reflecting the current downturn in global demand for chinese products. Although this figure looks pretty bad, one has to consider the week-long …

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China’s Hotspots


The six dangerous hotspots of the chinese economy right now 1. Overcapacity In basically each industrial sector, the chinese factories have currently much bigger production-facilities (and number of employees) than really needed. In the steel-sector for instance, the overcapacity is about 350 million tons/year sending steel prices on the market …

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China’s big shopping-tour

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Chinese companies realized a record of acquisitions abroad this year. In just the first 2 month of 2016, the chinese bought foreign companies in value of over 80 billion USD thereby clearly topping last year’s record figures. What’s behind this buying spree? For once, the declining opportunities at home have …

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China’s Real Numbers

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“It’s official! Now China is the new number 1 global economic power!” I have to admit, I was puzzled after reading that headline on a serious financial website one morning at end of last year. I simply couldn’t believe it. So I checked the data provided by the International Monetary …

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The Shoeshine Boy & the Hairdresser

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Summer 1929 – New York In the ‘Roaring Twenties’ – a period of powerful economic growth and profound cultural change from 1920 to 1929 – the national wealth in the US doubled. The Dow Jones rocketed, thereby creating many new millionaires and stock trading became America’s favorite pastime as investors …

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China & Credibility


In previous chapters, I raised a lot of questions about China, now we try to find the answers. Is a stock market crash in China likely? Yes, almost for sure. Is a global economic crises likely? Yes, and the risk is rising. I have never been to mainland China, but …

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Welcome To The Club


China’s currency, the Yuan, got an upgrade by the IMF to a status of global reserve currency. Other ‘Reserve-Club’-members are the US-Dollar, Euro, Pound and Yen. The last change was made in 2000, when the Euro replaced the German Mark and the French Franc. One reason behind this IMF decision …

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