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Ask The Right Questions

right questions

I am pretty sure, the majority of the readers here are using Facebook or Google daily, most probably more than once. I am also convinced, that 99 percent who follow this website have at least visited once a McDonald’s or drinked a Coke. What this has it to do with investing? Well, each time you order a Big Mac or pick …

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Dangerous Success

dangerous succes

‘It’s difficult to get to the top, but even harder to stay there.’ This quote from Real Madrid player Alvaro Arbeola highlights a remarkable fact. Since the start of the ‘Uefa Champions League’ in 1992, not a single winning team of the trophy could defend the title the following season. It’s hard to stay on top – is not only …

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Perfect Timing


It’s the essence of being a successful investor. Invest in a stock at a low level and to sell it at the top. To achieve this, financial institutions let nothing untouched. Hundred of people spending thousands of hours feeding millions of company- and economic-data into computers. Besides this fundamental approach, we have also the technical analysis where the focus is …

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Secrets of Success

secrets of success

‘Never think about money, never work for money. Always think about the product, always work for the product’. Nicolas Hayek, the founder of ‘swatch’, gave that answer, when asked about his secret of success in 1992. On that day in the swiss alps, ‘swatch’ celebrated the sale of 100 million watches. The company was founded only 9 years ago. The …

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