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Three Startup Marketing Strategies That Will Destroy Your Company

Running your own company for the first time is an exciting period in your life. But with all the success stories around of other entrepreneurs making millions, it’s particularly disappointing when your own venture fails. The reason why this happens is often, that a startup quickly runs out of money without generating the interest necessary to keep the head above …

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Coolness, Customers & Cash


A cool company attracts many customers and generates a lot of cash – as the tale of Nokia is demonstrating, this order is also valid the other way round. Nokia was founded in Tampere, southwest Finland, in 1865 – wait a moment, 1865 and mobile phones? Well, Nokia was in it’s first 100 years a paper- and then a rubber …

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Stocks & Strategy I

Priorities & Profits A few month ago, a client of mine from Austria asked me to support him in the process of recruiting an employee for his office in Romania. The open position included regular office duties with a changing workload, sometimes low, but just the next day could bring a ton of work, I was told. And the candidate …

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