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Easy Entry

easy entry

When it comes to investing in financial markets, it’s a wise decision, sometimes to say ‘no’. It’s perfectly ok, when you think the selection process as proposed in last chapter is too hard and too time consuming, and just following tips from the internet is too dangerous. So just don’t do it, besides there is an alternative, how you can …

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Price & Market Capitalization

price and market

When the first stock market index was created in 1884, there was no motorcar on the streets and no one could imagine, that humans will ever fly in airplanes. Stock markets – or meeting points for buyers and sellers – were around for centuries, with the merchants of venice or the dutch exchanges. Years later, the London stock market was …

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Smart Money vs Dumb Money

smart money vs dumb moneu

For many people, spring is the most beautiful season of the year. In economic terms, this is the phase of an early recovery, as introduced in the previous chapter. New jobs, new perspectives and new confidence are dominating this stage in the real world. During this enjoyable economic awakening, the investor’s focus should be on technology or consumer stocks. They …

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