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Free Money For Everyone

free chf

Next month, swiss people will decide in a vote whether all 8 million citizens and legal residents of Switzerland should be guaranteed a generous and unconditional free monthly ‘Grundeinkommen’ or basic income.  A ‘yes’- vote on June 5, would mandate the swiss government to guarantee each adult citizen and legal resident of Switzerland a monthly tax free income of 2’500 CHF …

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Forex – The Speculators


When something unexpected happens in financial markets that hurts ordinary people, as in the CHF/RON quotation, the ones who got the blame first, are often the ‘speculators’. Some unknown, but powerful forces in high rise buildings in New York or London making money to the cost of house buyers in Craiova or Bucharest?! If you believe that, then better stay …

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Forex – The Flow Of Money


To understand, what is really decisive for the RON exchange rate, there are only two romanian gentlemen you need to know: Mr. Central Bank & Mr. Foreign Trade. When the rata lunara for CHF-mortgages exploded in January 2015, affected homebuyers gathered at the offices of the romanian central bank (BNR) in downtown Bucharest to protest in the hope that the mighty bank …

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