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Stock Market (4)

markets mistakes

Markets & Mistakes During my years living in Bucharest, I observed quite a lot of differences between Romania and my little home country in the middle of europe. As mentioned before, it’s my problem and if I don’t accept the romanian way of life, I am free to go. Nonetheless, I will write about a romanian habit that could be …

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Coolness, Customers & Cash


A cool company attracts many customers and generates a lot of cash – as the tale of Nokia is demonstrating, this order is also valid the other way round. Nokia was founded in Tampere, southwest Finland, in 1865 – wait a moment, 1865 and mobile phones? Well, Nokia was in it’s first 100 years a paper- and then a rubber …

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Money & Mistakes I

money mistakes

A financial health study by Wells Fargo revealed that 44% of people would rather discuss death, religion or their health than their financial situation. Now this figure is valid for the US and it’s even higher in the german speaking part of Europe, where for instance the monthly salary is kept very private even among longtime friends. For Romania, this …

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Money & Mistakes II


The list with mistakes, a lot of people make their personal finances, is long. I picked 10 out of it. After the first five in the previous chapter, here are number 6 to 10 mistakes people often do: 6. Buying a new car Don’t get me wrong, I’m a car driver for 25 years and – outside Bucharest- enjoy to …

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