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Perfect Timing


It’s the essence of being a successful investor. Invest in a stock at a low level and to sell it at the top. To achieve this, financial institutions let nothing untouched. Hundred of people spending thousands of hours feeding millions of company- and economic-data into computers. Besides this fundamental approach, we have also the technical analysis where the focus is …

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Canary In The Coal Mine


In the good old days, miners did take a canary to work with them in coal mines. If dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide collected in the mine, they would kill the bird before killing the miners. Thus providing a warning to exit the mine immediately and stay alive. In an ideal world, the rating agencies would play the part …

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Are My Savigs Safe?

safe savings

After Lehman Brothers in the US, Northern Rock in the UK and the EuroZone debt crisis, the ‘deposit guarantee scheme’ (DGS) in the EU was improved to boost the saver’s confidence in the banking sector. What is the level of deposit protection in the EU? From the initial 20’000 EUR, the protection was first increased to 50’000 EUR in 2009 …

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