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Stock Market (4)

markets mistakes

Markets & Mistakes During my years living in Bucharest, I observed quite a lot of differences between Romania and my little home country in the middle of europe. As mentioned before, it’s my problem and if I don’t accept the romanian way of life, I am free to go. Nonetheless, I will write about a romanian habit that could be …

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Easy Entry

easy entry

When it comes to investing in financial markets, it’s a wise decision, sometimes to say ‘no’. It’s perfectly ok, when you think the selection process as proposed in last chapter is too hard and too time consuming, and just following tips from the internet is too dangerous. So just don’t do it, besides there is an alternative, how you can …

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Capitulation & Comeback

capitulation and comeback

A bear market, as described in the previous chapter, is something any investor could renounce. But they know, they have to get through. It’s just like making it through a sunless November without getting depressed. In some stock market-cycles of the past, the bear market faded out fairly quiet, no one got killed, and stocks started to recover. But many …

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Perfect Timing


It’s the essence of being a successful investor. Invest in a stock at a low level and to sell it at the top. To achieve this, financial institutions let nothing untouched. Hundred of people spending thousands of hours feeding millions of company- and economic-data into computers. Besides this fundamental approach, we have also the technical analysis where the focus is …

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