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Dangerous Doping

Romania’s economic growth accelerated in the first quarter of 2016 more than estimated. The GDP (Gross domestic product) rose by a preliminary 4.3% according to the National Statistics Institute. This makes Romania the second fastest-growing economy in the EU only behind Ireland. I’m quite sure you’ve read or heard about this ‘success‘ in local media. There is only one big …

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Misleading journalism

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Usually on weekends, I try to switch off from business and look on the brighter things in life. This weekend, some tasty french breakfast delights, a biking tour and a lot of tv-sports (Premier League, Bundesliga, Steaua-Dinamo, the cycling-classic Paris-Roubaix and the two final rounds at the Augusta Masters) was the ‘anti-business’-program. But by force of habit, I nonetheless checked my …

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China’s Real Numbers

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“It’s official! Now China is the new number 1 global economic power!” I have to admit, I was puzzled after reading that headline on a serious financial website one morning at end of last year. I simply couldn’t believe it. So I checked the data provided by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and it seems to be clear: Chinas gross …

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The Password for Higher Salaries


Statistics may not be accurate all the time (see chapter 37), but it’s no statistical error or lie, when Romania usually ranks at the bottom within the EU when important economic factors are the subject. You’re for sure very well aware of the fact, that salaries – whether it’s the minimum wage or the average pay-check – paid in this …

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