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‘Big Money’ Kills a Beautiful Game

champions league

With tonight’s games Barcelona vs Arsenal and Bayern vs Juventus, the UEFA-Champions League (CL) is once again the talk of the town all over Europe. A unified Europe – what the EU so terribly misses to achieve – the ‘beautiful game’ of football gathers millions of europeans from Sweden to Sicily to barock-composer Georg Frederic Handel’s CL-anthem “Die Meister, Die Besten, Les …

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Nasty surprises

nasty surprise

‘I didn’t order that!’ – or how to avoid a nasty surprise You probably remember the Champions League final 1999 in Barcelona between Bayern Munich and ManU. With two goals in the last seconds, ManU turned the game upside down and won the trophy. As it was bad enough for the german players or fans, for one Bayern-assistant, it was …

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