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If China Becomes Another Japan, the World is In Trouble

At the ‘Strategic Investment Conference 2016’ recently held in Dallas, geopolitical forecaster and strategist George Friedman said: ‘China is like Japan in 1989′. There are indeed many similarities between China today and Japan in the late 80’s, before Nippon went bust: a reliance on investment- and export-led growth; big current account surpluses; a real estate bubble (that led to highly indebted …

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The Hypocrites of Beijing


63 year old Xi Jinping Is the most powerful man in China. He is the General Secretary of the Communist Party, the Chairman of Chinas Central Military Commission and the President of the People’s Republic of China. But the ‘Paramount Leader’ has another quality that is not yet really acknowledged by the public. Xi Jinping plays his role as a …

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