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Amusing ourselfs to death

kanal d

‘We are in the process of amusing ourselves to death’   This quote by Neal Postman, a former professor of communications arts and sciences at New York University, is over 30 year old. Postman’s concern was that everything that was important has been reduced by television to a level of trivial entertainment – politics, religion, news, education. ”When a population …

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The Last Year of Television

Just in case you still think that the hundreds of TV channels available to you via your remote-control are basically here to inform or entertain you – think again! With a few exceptions, the tv-channels are designed primarily as a platform for advertisers and their tv-spots, interrupted by movies, news, documentations or silly shows overloaded by product-placement. Did you ever …

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A new vision for television

future of television

‘Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the magic of television…’ With those words Leslie Mitchell introduced the first high-definition public television program in London. In black and white, the date was 26th August 1936.   Television was not invented by a single person, the technical developments that made the first public …

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