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Key Challenges that First-Time Entrepreneurs Don’t Anticipate

Building a successful business is more difficult than building an innovative solution Every new entrepreneur who has not spent years in corporate life has the advantage of an unbiased look at business opportunities, but at the same time has the disadvantage of missing critical business experiences that can cost them dearly in their first startup venture. Let’s face it: Most …

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Three Startup Marketing Strategies That Will Destroy Your Company

Running your own company for the first time is an exciting period in your life. But with all the success stories around of other entrepreneurs making millions, it’s particularly disappointing when your own venture fails. The reason why this happens is often, that a startup quickly runs out of money without generating the interest necessary to keep the head above …

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20 Biggest European Venture Capital Funds

”We back the best and most ambitious entrepreneurs and help them make their ideas real and lasting.” After years of easy access to cash, a slowdown in funding and IPO has some tech investors and startup founders worried that the industry is facing a correction. But there are still huge venture capital funds (VC’s) looking to splash the cash as …

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