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“How do I negotiate a better salary?”

‘’You are not rational; there is no such thing as ‘fair’; compromise is the worst thing you can do.’’ In the just released book ‘Never Split The Difference’, former FBI lead international kidnapping negotiator Chris Voss breaks down these strategies so that anyone can use them in the workplace, in business, or at home. After retiring from the FBI in 2007, Voss …

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Working Smarter, Not Harder


The discussion about minimum wages or salary increases in Romania is mainly a political issue. From an outside perspective, it’s sometimes hard to understand that in all the talking and complaining about local salaries many issues are brought up the most important and therefore most decisive factor for higher wages is rarely mentioned or misunderstood. This factor is called ‘Labor …

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Golden rules

golden rules

The 10 Commandments of Personal Finance Management Determine what you really need to have, what you want to have and what you wish to have one time. Keep track of your spendings for a month. And I mean: each and everything. Right it down each day or compose an excel-sheet to see where your money is really going. You will find …

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