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Truly Historic

In this ‘Brexit’-week, there is much talk from both the ‘stay’ and the ‘leave’ camp about the ‘historic’ proportion of this referendum in the UK. It’s an important crossroad for Great Britain and Europe, no question. But I’m not so sure, the impact of a ‘leave’-vote would be that dramatic in the long run as currently projected. Only time will …

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Best Friend & Worst Enemy

compound interest

From time to time you hear in the news, that the central bank of Romania has changed the key interest rate. This change is rather small, in most cases 0.25% up or down. Why should I care too much about 0,25%? I have no money at the central bank anyway, you might think and switch the channel for more juicy …

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Question 2: Suppose over the next 10 years the prices of the things you buy double. If your income also doubles, will you be able to buy less than you can buy today, the same as you can buy today, OR more than you can buy today? Answer: same This case seems to be clear – when you earn 1000 …

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A Look Into 2016


Currently, my ‘inbox’ is working overtime while I’m sleeping. Dozens of reports titled ‘outlook for stocks 2016’ or ‘market perspectives 2016’ make their way into my box overnight. The right strategy for 2016 is probably in mind of many investors, so this ‘outlooks’ and ‘perspectives’ are just in time. Before we start to take a look into the markets for …

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