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Europe’s 13 largest privately held companies

Two unknown giants are leading the ranking If the names ‘Vitol’ and ‘Trafigura’ are unfamiliar to you, then your are in good company. Vitol and Trafigura Beheer are rarely mentioned in the general news, although they are leading the ranking of the 13 largest privately held companies in Europe by revenue: Vitol Holding B.V. – Revenue: 270 billion USD The …

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Increasingly Important


The marketing-world has just come up with a new way to select promising stocks. Landor, a strategy-company in San Francisco, views an ‘Agile Brand’ as an indicator of strength and financial success. Agile brand? According to Landor’s first ‘Global Agile Brand Study’, there are six qualities, that sets apart the 10 most agile brands from others: adaptive, global, multichannel, open, …

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