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Dangerous Doping

Romania’s economic growth accelerated in the first quarter of 2016 more than estimated. The GDP (Gross domestic product) rose by a preliminary 4.3% according to the National Statistics Institute. This makes Romania the second fastest-growing economy in the EU only behind Ireland. I’m quite sure you’ve read or heard about this ‘success‘ in local media. There is only one big …

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The ‘2016 Romania Competitiveness Report’

american chamber

27 percent..   In May and June this year, Romania’s competitiveness in Europe will most likely be the topic of countless conversations across the country. After all, on May 10th, the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 kicks off at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden. And exactly one month later, on June 10th, the ‘Euro 2016’ opener in the Stade de France between …

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The real ‘export-champions’


This week, China reported its largest monthly drop in exported goods since May 2009. China’s ‘February-2016-trade performance’ was far worse than economists had expected, with exports falling 25.4% reflecting the current downturn in global demand for chinese products. Although this figure looks pretty bad, one has to consider the week-long Chinese new year holidays – with factories closed for seven …

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Salary & Productivity

salary and productivity

As a foreigner living in Romania, its no question to me, that I have to assimilate to the romanian lifestyle and accept the way, life is going on here. Otherwise, I could leave the country as I was often told during the first months in Bucharest. Meanwhile, after a few years, I enjoy living in Romania and starting to defend …

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