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Truly Historic

In this ‘Brexit’-week, there is much talk from both the ‘stay’ and the ‘leave’ camp about the ‘historic’ proportion of this referendum in the UK. It’s an important crossroad for Great Britain and Europe, no question. But I’m not so sure, the impact of a ‘leave’-vote would be that dramatic in the long run as currently projected. Only time will …

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ECB strategy and the impact for you as an investor or saver


  “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” – Albert Einstein A few remarks to the European Central Bank’s strategy and the impact for you as an investor or saver The 10th of March 2016 could be the date in (financial) history, when the once almighty and highly respected institutions of …

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How low will they go?

berlin hyp

The dangerous interest-experiment by the European Central Bank This week, the area of negative interest rates in Europe was remarkably widened. While investors were just getting used to negative yields for government-bonds, on Tuesday german bank ‘Berlin Hyp’ set a new landmark. The relatively small bank became the first ever non-state borrower who issued an EUR-denominated debt (of 500 million …

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