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Key Challenges that First-Time Entrepreneurs Don’t Anticipate

Building a successful business is more difficult than building an innovative solution Every new entrepreneur who has not spent years in corporate life has the advantage of an unbiased look at business opportunities, but at the same time has the disadvantage of missing critical business experiences that can cost them dearly in their first startup venture. Let’s face it: Most …

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Values and Discipline, not Privileges, Are Your Paths to Wealth

As much as everyone likes a good get-rich quick story, the rich typically didn’t make their wealth overnight. This thesis is supported by the ‘2016 Insights on Wealth and Worth‘ survey conducted by U.S. Trust. The study explored the common success traits of wealthy Americans across all generations, surveying close to 700 individuals with at least 3 million USD in investable …

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What Drives Highly Successful People?

Have you ever wondered, what’s the difference between regular guys like you & me and self-made, ultra-successful people? Last night, I stumbled upon an article at inc.com I’d like to share here, because it might give you an answer to this question: Ultra-successful people view life differently from us, and its reflected in how they live, work, save, invest, and give. They …

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