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China’s Hotspots

The six dangerous hotspots of the chinese economy right now 1. Overcapacity In basically each industrial sector, the chinese factories have currently much bigger production-facilities (and number of employees) than really needed. In the steel-sector for instance, the overcapacity is about 350 million tons/year sending steel prices on the market down the tube. But China has not followed through on …

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Forex – Winners & Loosers

swiss franc

In the summer of 2007, the value of 1 EUR was 3.20 RON. The value of 1 Swiss Franc (CHF) was 2.10 RON at the schimb vis-a-vis my house. Last summer (2015), 1 EUR was 4.40 RON; 1 CHF was 4.25 RON. The effect of this change for me, earning a few CHF a month: the 2015-summer-holidays in Mamaia was …

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Forex – The Speculators


When something unexpected happens in financial markets that hurts ordinary people, as in the CHF/RON quotation, the ones who got the blame first, are often the ‘speculators’. Some unknown, but powerful forces in high rise buildings in New York or London making money to the cost of house buyers in Craiova or Bucharest?! If you believe that, then better stay …

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