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What Happens In A Minute?

what happens in a minute

The upcoming long Easter/1May weekend may give for many of us a much needed break from the daily rush of consumption or ever rising internet/smartphone-activities. Let’s start with consumption. It’s the most important contributor to the GDP in most countries. In the US for instance, consumption makes up 69% of the 17 trillion US-GDP. The other components are investment (17%), government …

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How the world spends the money

Romanians allocate less than 1% of the household expenditures for investments, but spend 7% of their income on alcoholic drinks and cigarettes, said Adrian Vasilescu, advisor for strategy with the National Bank of Romania (BNR) this week at a conference in Bucharest. And even the expenditures for clothing and footwear (5%) were below the average amount spent for cigs and …

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