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The Psychology of Color in Business

I own an American Express ‘Gold Card’ for many years and had never any inconveniences. And quite frankly, I wouldn’t accept anything else from a product that’s carrying ‘gold’ in its name. Then, on a recent business-trip to Geneva, I met an old buddy of mine from business-school for lunch. After the delicious dessert, he insisted to cover the tab …

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Business & Markets: The Biggest Risks

Every year, the World Economic Forum (WEF) releases an updated list of the top risks to business based on its survey to 750 members of the organization’s global community of academics and business leaders. The essentials of this year’s Global Risks report provide an introduction to the potential pitfalls that could impact markets around the globe. Of the top global risks by …

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20 Biggest European Venture Capital Funds

”We back the best and most ambitious entrepreneurs and help them make their ideas real and lasting.” After years of easy access to cash, a slowdown in funding and IPO has some tech investors and startup founders worried that the industry is facing a correction. But there are still huge venture capital funds (VC’s) looking to splash the cash as …

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Stocks – How It All Started

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In today’s financial markets, billions of shares are traded every day. The biggest exchanges by volume are New York, Tokyo and London, but through electronic trading, shares are bought and sold around the world around the clock. Chinese philosopher LaoTse didn’t know about stock trading, he lived in the 5th century BC. But he did know ‘that even the longest …

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