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Truly Historic

In this ‘Brexit’-week, there is much talk from both the ‘stay’ and the ‘leave’ camp about the ‘historic’ proportion of this referendum in the UK. It’s an important crossroad for Great Britain and Europe, no question. But I’m not so sure, the impact of a ‘leave’-vote would be that dramatic in the long run as currently projected. Only time will …

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Deadly Deflation


Recently, I decided to get rid of my old DVDs, since I watched movies mainly online for the last couple of years. Shifting through dusted DVDs with movies from the 1990s like ‘Rising Sun’ (Sean Connery), or ‘Die Hard’ (Bruce Willis) reminded me, that in many Hollywood movies from that time, there was lot of talk about Japans coming cultural …

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Less Than Zero

For many people in my generation between 40 and 50, the term ‘Less Than Zero’ stands not only for low temperatures, but for the culture of decadence of the wealthy youth in Los Angeles in the middle of the 80’s, as shown in the (depressing) movie with this title.    This is going to change –  and the term ‘Less Than …

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