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Terrorist & Markets


On Tuesday morning, Islamic State terrorists attacked Brussels airport and a metro train, killing around 35 people and wounding hundreds in the deadliest attacks ever seen in Brussels, the capital of the European Union. French President Francois Hollande: ‘The whole of Europe has been hit.’ And the financial markets? The …

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Stocks & Oil – a new reality


Humans are creations of habits and quickly feel uncomfortable, when something – or someone – disrupts their habits. For decades, the creature of the human stock-investor could be sure that ‘falling oil’ means ‘rising stocks’. After all, we learned from dusty textbooks back at the university or private investment experience, …

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China’s Hotspots


The six dangerous hotspots of the chinese economy right now 1. Overcapacity In basically each industrial sector, the chinese factories have currently much bigger production-facilities (and number of employees) than really needed. In the steel-sector for instance, the overcapacity is about 350 million tons/year sending steel prices on the market …

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Stock Market (1)

stock market

Stock market – Introduction It was a cold, clear sunday morning in october, when I went to see the participants of the Bucharest-marathon, as they ran, jogged or walked along Calea Victoriei and took a right turn into Stribei Voda. A few co-workers and friends were in the race and I showed them my …

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Stock Market (2)

stock market tips

What you have to know about the stock market Before you invest a single Ron into stocks, you have to be aware – where there is money in play, the charlatans are not far away. Stock market predictions Basic rule number one: Nobody, and I mean nobody, no witch, no …

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Stock Market (3)


Stock market information – Selection & Valuation When I bought my first stock in the early 1990’s, there was no email, internet, mobile banking or 24-hour-stock-market-channel available. To obtain information about a stock, I intended to buy, I had to call around for hours or patiently search the archive of the …

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Stock Market (4)

markets mistakes

Markets & Mistakes During my years living in Bucharest, I observed quite a lot of differences between Romania and my little home country in the middle of europe. As mentioned before, it’s my problem and if I don’t accept the romanian way of life, I am free to go. Nonetheless, …

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Leaders & Laggers

stock market

I might be completely wrong, but based on recent conversations, I guess that 9 out 10 romanians would only invest in the stock market, when they are sure that the general economy is booming. The simple assumption, that better economic statistics and data, must be good for stocks, is unfortunately …

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A Much Better Alternative


In case you intend to invest your money into stocks and ask your banker for a way to do so, you get to a high degree of certainty the answer: ‘Invest in a mutual fund’. A mutual fund pools the money of you and thousands of other investors and – …

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