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21 Business Buzzwords You Should Know

You know what robots are, but how about mobots? And you’ve likely heard of the Internet of Things, but do you know about the Internet of Energy? These are only a couple of the terms Goldman Sachs thinks are key lifestyle, scientific and technological developments today. The investment bank has …

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Football and probabilities

Based On Probabilities: The ‘Euro 2016’ Winner Will Be France – After A Victory Over Spain In The Final When Romania and France kick-off the ‘Euro 2016’ tonight in the ‘Stade de France’ in Paris, the host and World Cup winner Germany will be – based on a predictive ‘bookmaker consensus …

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Behind The Big Numbers

Initial Public Offering

You certainly heard about Saudi Arabia’s plans to sell a stake of its state oil company Saudi Aramco. Technically, the sale of Aramco would be less than 5% of the company and via an initial public offering (IPO). A 5% listing on the stock market would give it a potential …

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