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Why Oil Prices Fluctuate

Crude oil fell for a fourth day in a row yesterday – and settled below 50 USD/barrel – by concerns about Chinese growth (see Monday’s post) and the outcome of next week’s vote on Britain’s possible EU-exit (the campaign for the UK to leave the EU has a significant lead, a poll showed that 47% …

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Oil Is Back

  In case you haven’t noticed, oil prices are staging a strong recovery towards 50 USD per barrel. That’s almost twice the price of February, when oil dropped to 26 USD/barrel – so be prepared for higher costs when your car needs the next fill-up. This remarkable price movement of …

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The Price Will Never Be The Same Again

oil barrel

US-producer’s message to Opec: ‘Above 40 – we are back!’ Over the last few days, the price for Brent-crude climbed regularly. On March 1st, 2016, it reached a new year-high of over 37 USD/barrel, that’s quite a rise from the January-lows of 29 USD. Could this be the beginning of …

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The New Reality For Oil


30 to 45 USD – the new reality for oil This morning, after secret negotiations in Doha – the capital of Qatar – the four oil-producers Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia and Venezuela agreed to freeze their output at January levels. The common goal of this agreement is, of course, to …

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Same Oil – Different Price

gas price

You certainly heard, the price of oil has fallen from 100 USD in July 2014 to 30 USD today on international markets. The price-unit for oil, the barrel, contains 160 liter. So 30 USD for 160 liter – I think this goes without a calculator – equals 0,18 USD or …

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